Is my car worth repairing?

Is My Car Worth Repairing?


Sometimes it may seem impossible to get your vehicle back up and running the way it used to be. Luckily, there are several ways to gauge this and decide whether or not it ends up being worth it for you. Here are some tips on rooting out some minor issues, which major ones to look out for, and when you should just call it.

Minor Auto Repair

There’s a ton of minor damage that may be present in your vehicle which could feel more significant than it is. Fortunately, there are usually simple solutions. For example, your oil is leaking. It may leave a funny smell in your car and seem like there’s a lot more going on than there is. But in reality, after some nifty patchwork and a little bit of elbow grease, you can be back out on the road with no issues 

However, there are instances where this same damage can get far worse. It’s times when these issues go unaddressed. If you let the issue go and just assume the problem will solve itself, that’s when it can become a really major issue. This often goes for small things like tire pressure or fuel efficiency in your engine. If you notice a tire sagging and have a light come on, replace the air as soon as possible. Similarly, if you notice a significant dip in your miles-per-gallon (MPG), you should have your engine checked out. Again, it’s when issues like these go unamended for an extended period of time that they become real issues.

Major Auto Repair

Major auto repair gets more into the realm of fully replacing pieces of the vehicle or amending any long-term issues with solutions that affect your whole car. This often includes:

Brake pads - These wear down over time and need to be replaced periodically. This process will be expedited if the car’s driver doesn’t brake smoothly. 

Transmissions- Your transmission affects your entire car’s functionality. With a faulty transmission or an inconsistent one at least, you are going to see major other areas of your car get damaged.

Battery- Batteries can easily wear down and need to be replaced. They often die due to corrosion or internal systems failing rather than driver negligence. 

Spark Plugs - A simpler fix comparatively to the others, but an important one to say the least.

When a Car Is Considered Totaled

A vehicle is considered totaled most often when the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the price of the vehicle’s worth. However, this isn’t always the case. If there are enough smaller issues that the vehicle would need fixing, it can also be determined to be totaled purely based on how much future maintenance is necessary. 

Parts We Carry For Auto Repairs

In our inventory, we carry a strong variety of affordable options to get your vehicle back on the road today. If you are considering moving on from a vehicle or having it scrapped for parts, take your time with a mechanic first to determine if it could just be a part or two that you need to be replaced. Fortunately for mechanics, we supply a strong variety of options to fit their needs and your needs exactly.

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