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Car Interior Design: Making Your Car Your Own

Getting the interior of your car to feel unique to you can be a fun and rewarding project. Here are some tips to get started on changing it up for your interior, as well as other upgrades. 

What is your project objective?

This question should be answered before you begin changing anything in your vehicle. What are your goals for the interior? What color palettes are you going to utilize? How will it pair with the rest of the vehicle?

Functionality vs style choice

Interior redesign can open up a bit more legroom for passengers, utilize the space in the backseats more optimally, as well as give the vehicle a different sort of appeal. Turning a makeshift luxury sedan into a professional vehicle service can be as simple as an interior change. 

In terms of style, there’s more room for experimentation. Consider how you can use your vehicle for business or simply for pleasure. If it is a vehicle you often take clients out in, or is utilized in a variety of professional settings, consider that when choosing the color scheme and design.  

However, if it’s a car you take out only with family and friends, you have a great deal more room to try new things. Get experimental, look to films and television shows for inspiration. This can make the whole project’s purpose much more purposeful, and unique to you.



Seats are a great place to start, as they can act as an accent to the primary color of the interior. Often enough, the primary is a darker color with a light accent as the pairing for the seats. Colors that mesh well together include: black and blue, red and silver, yellow and green, etc. Each of these can be fun and beautiful designs for your vehicle. 


Dashboard and steering wheel

The dashboard has a bit less opportunity for flair. Colorful gages and different tools on the dash can be great additions, as well as a company logo or some kind of symbol to make the vehicle yours. 

The steering wheel also has similar room for this. It can be styled to complement the seats as well for a more comprehensive look, while not losing the sense of professionalism or class. 


Having enough engine power to pair with the new interior look

Now, if your interior is beautifully designed and looks extremely professional, you have to have the power under the hood as well. Finding the right engine to meet your driving style and how you feel on the road is important to maintain a sense of safety when driving, while also having the power to drive with purpose.


For any replacements for new parts, give our product gallery a look. Then you’ll be able to complete the perfect overall for your vehicle, making sure that everything is running perfectly smoothly for that first drive. Give us a call today to get more information. We’re really looking forward to hearing from you and how the new interior is coming along!

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