Automatic vs Manual Transmissions

Automatic vs Manual Transmissions

Manual and automatic transmissions both have their share of pros and cons. For those that want more control and high fuel efficiency, manual is the way to go. You determine the fluidity of your ride and with experience, you can create a really smooth ride for yourself.

Benefits of Manual Transmission Performance

Long Lasting

The lifespan of your manual transmission is extremely long as well. You’re going to see since the gearbox is more efficient and not using as much force on the vehicle overall. This keeps your car running smoother without the risk of your auto transmission doing anything. 


Manuals also have a lower risk of being stolen due to the skill required to drive them effectively. While this won’t completely deter a thief from stealing a vehicle, it makes it a lot more difficult.

Engine Mods

Also, modifying your engine is a lot easier with manuals as well. Automatic systems are prone to being corrupted or having stalling issues after engine mods are applied. Since they’re tight to the manufacturing requirements, it’s hard to adjust a system around new modifications. On the other hand, manuals simply require the driver to adjust their habits of how they apply force, when they change gears, and more. It’s far simpler to adjust a human’s behavior than a machine’s behavior.


Adding a bit of challenge to your normal driving routine is some of the fun of driving a manual as well. Being fully in control is an irreplaceable feeling for you as a driver, and not something you want to be robbed of with an automatic. 

Automatic Transmissions Today

Years ago, things were a lot different when driving out on the open road. Automatic transmissions formerly had fewer gears, lower efficiency, and weren’t the best solutions for driving. Now, things are a lot different from then, and automatic cars have started to climb their way back into a competitive race. Both options are viable, but automatics have just become much stronger options in terms of fuel efficiency and ease of use. Since there’s virtually no learning curve driving an automatic, the jump-in-and-go mentality will likely be that of future youths in the long term.

However, manuals still remain wallet-friendly options for drivers, which will always be a huge plus. If you’re looking for a transmission replacement and are just trying to find the right fit for your vehicle, take a look at our transmissions today.

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